Sketchtravel, le carnet voyageur


Benefit auction for « Room to Read » at Pierre Bergé & associés October 17th 2011

71 internationally renowned artists from the film, animation, illustration, comic and children’s book fields have joined to create and contribute original art to Sketchtravel, a unique traveling sketchbook project to benefit literacy and gender equality for children in emerging countries on behalf of global organization Room To Read. Sketchtravel, conceived by artists Daisuke Tsutsumi and Gerald Guerlais, is a globe-spanning artistic undertaking in which a red sketchbook was passed from one artist’s hand to another through 12 countries over 5 years. The project culminates in an auction of the highly prized book in Brussels, Belgium, on October 17, 2011.

Highlighting the collection of prestigious artists who contributed to the Sketchtravel sketchbook are Oscar winning film director and co-founder of Studio Gibli, Hiyao Miyazaki; animation legend Glen Keane; Frederic Back, a two-time Academy Award winner for Animated Short Film; and acclaimed French illustrator Rebecca Dautremer. Each of the 71 artists was given one blank page upon which to express themselves in whichever medium they chose – paint, pencil or collage, for instance – with each completed page inspiring the next. They then had to hand-deliver the sketchbook to a fellow artist.

The recipient the artists chose to receive proceeds from the sketchbook auction and sale of book copies was the worldwide literacy organization Room To Read, founded by former Microsoft executive John Wood in 2000.

Room To Read’s mission of establishing libraries and fostering literacy programs for children around the world made them the ideal partner for Sketchtravel.” Room to Read is a global organization seeking to transform the lives of millions of children in the developing world by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Founded on the belief that World Change Starts with Educated Children, Room to Read works in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children and to ensure girls have the skills and support needed to complete their secondary education. Since 2000, Room to Read has impacted the lives of more than five million children in Asia and Africa and aims to reach 10 million children by 2015.

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The sketchbook contains 120 A4 pages, between more than 71 international artists from the fields of comics, illustration, and animation. Each artist creates freely an illustration. Twelve nationalities. were involved. The journey of this federative sketchbook, which took 4 years, started in October 2006 and ended in January 2011.
H_35 cm L_26 cm
Starting price : 30 000 €

Le carnet voyageur terminera son voyage le 17 octobre 2011 chez Pierre Bergé et  associés

Sketchtravel est le nom d'une expérience artistique initiée indépendamment par  les illustrateurs Daisuke Tsutsumi et Gérald Guerlais.  

L'enjeu consiste à partager un véritable carnet de format A4 contenant 120 pages entre 72 artistes internationaux provenant des domaines de la bande-dessinée, de l'illustration, et du cinéma 'animation (Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney). chaque artiste y créée une illustration libre.

Le voyage de ce carnet fédérateur, d'une durée de 4 ans, a été commencé en octobre 2006 et s'est clôturé en janvier 2011. Il a réuni à ce jour douze nationalités. Le carnet original  sera vendu aux enchères par la maison Pierre Bergé et associés au profit de l'association caritative internationale Room to Read.

Pour des informations complémentaires au projet vous pouvez visiter leur site internet

Skechtravel, le carnet voyageur
Lot 1 : Skechtravel, le Carnet voyageur :
Carnet de format A4 contenant 120 pages  réalisé par 70 artistes internationaux.
H_35 cm L_26cm
Mise à prix : 30 000 €


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