ARAGON, Louis.

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ARAGON, Louis.
Issoire. Autograph manuscript of an article published in the first issue of Art de France, in 1961. In-4 (270 x 210 mm) of 7
A 1950 photographic portrait of Aragon by Les yeux d'Elsa, just published by Seghers (original print, 190 x 174 mm), is mounted on the frontispiece; protected by an elegant Japanese binding.
Very beautiful manuscript written in blue ink on the front of the sheet only. There are two versions of the text. The first is the first draft: 3 very erased and overloaded pages; the second is the net, still with some corrections, and signed 4 pages.
Magnificent evocation of the church of Saint-Paul d'Issoire.
"As if, at this last stage in the heart of Limagne, before mesallier with the Allier, the volcanic water of Lake Pavin had deposited the black lava of its origins, a kind of dark wonder emerges, taken in a flat and paved city and which does not seem to remember a terrible and bloody past: it is Saint-Paul d'Issoire which is also called Saint-Austremoine".
Aragon recalls the shape of the church, "certainly the one whose plan has the most audacity and scope". Recognizing the alterations caused by the architect Malley, so disparaged for the facade and bell tower he had built in 1841, he proclaimed his admiration for the entrance: "I find this male beauty of a giant's breast, a javelin thrower... I stop in the narthex... And I finally understand what makes all this look so tragic: the whitewash caused by a certain Dauvergne in 1862, which indisposed the "enlightened amateurs" today. However, we know that in this famous French twelfth century, where everything from poetry to love was invented, there must have been a colouring here... a colouring that took no account of their asceticism of the eyes. More wild, undoubtedly, than what this painter imagined, the year of the expedition to Mexico... like this art of Auvergne... land of invasions and army refluxes... Malley and Dauvergne did not restore
Saint-Austremoine, they f
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