BLOY, Léon.

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BLOY, Léon.
The Desperate One. Paris, Tresse & Stock, 1887. In-18 (183 x 117 mm) of VIII, 579 pp.; brown percaline, cold decorated plates, smooth back, upper cover plate preserved (period binding).
Talvart-Place, II, 43:4B.
New edition. "This edition was actually printed before the Soirat edition, but since the publisher
Stock required that changes be made to the text before it was released for sale, the author refused. The publisher then sequenced the entire edition and did not release it until 1893, after having modified the passages in question himself" (Talvart).
Copy enriched with an autographed letter on the false title (uplifted?): "to Father Mugnier, Léon Bloy".
Abbé Mugnier (1853-1944) was the darling of Parisian salons at the end of the 19th century. The Journal, which he dyed almost daily for almost 60 years, remains one of the most vivid testimonies of the literary world of the time. He was close to Léon Bloy who, during their first meeting, said to him: "Father, I thank you for having come to see me, because all those who came to see me had reason to repent" (Warning in Father Mugnier's Diary).
Small old restoration on the cover; yellowed paper.
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