MERIMEE, Prosper.

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MERIMEE, Prosper.
Colomba. Paris, Magen and Comon, 1841. In-8 (29 x 135 mm) of 2, 463 pp.; red morocco, fivefold gilded framing net, ribbed back decorated, gilded net on the cups, gilded edges, preserved blue cover (Chambolle-Duru).
Clouzot, 201; Carteret, II, 144; Flety, 41-42.
Original edition, "very sought-after" (Clouzot).
It contains, in addition to Colomba, two short stories: La Venus d'Ille and Les Ames du purgatoire.
"The perfect construction of this new one makes it almost a tragedy; the atmosphere is well rendered, with the old customs, the harsh figure of the populations and that of the bandits; Colomba, avenging virgin, stands proud and pure. The style and stripped, clean, of high literary standards" (Laffont-Bompiani).
Copy enriched with two engraved portraits, one by Nargeon, the other labelled: "Prosper Merimée at the age of 65 years according to a photograph given by him to Sainte-Beuve in 1868".
Very good copy despite the lined cover; back of the binding slightly passed.
Origin: ex-libris "A.L." (with the motto that I sçay-je) - Ross Ambler Curran.
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