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SADE, Marquis de.
Aline and Valcour, or The Philosophical Novel. Written to the Bastille one year before the French Revolution. Paris, widow Girourard, 1795. 4 volumes in 8 volumes in-18 (128 x 81 mm) of XIV pp., 1
(white), 150 pp., 1 (white), 2 engravings for volume I; 2,[151]-315 pp., 1 (white), 2 engravings for volume II; 2, 234 pp., 1 (white) for volume III; 2,[237]-504 pp., 1 engraving for volume IV; 2, 267 pp., 1 engraving for volume V; 2,[269]-575 pp., 1
(white), 2 engravings for volume VI; 2, 204 pp., 2 engravings for volume VII; 2,[205]- 374 pp., 1 (white), 2 engravings for volume VIII; spotted basane, gold framing roller, smooth back decorated with title and tomaison piece respectively in red and green morocco, gold slices (period binding), kept in 2 modern cases, set with brown morocco.
Cohen-de Ricci, 919; Pia, 14; Gay-Lemonnyer, I, 48-49; de Diesbach, Bonna, 18th century, 153.
Extremely rare first edition.
This philosophical novel is "one of the greatest of the 18th century... The printing of Aline and Valcour began in 1791, was interrupted in 1794 following Girouard's beheading and the imprisonment of the Marquis that same year; it was finally resumed and completed in 1795" (Diesbach).
A copy composed of notebooks corresponding to the three known draws, known as "A', "B', and "C'," Volume III is in the draw known as "A', with the passage'' the prince's house' in its original version, before the change to' the chief's house'.
Worn corners, no lack of text in pages 37/38 of Volume I and 217/218 of Volume II; wetness in Volume
VIII. The false titles and titles of volumes II, III, III, VII and VIII have been incorrectly linked, the title of volume II is dated 1793 and indicates a series of 14 engravings, in volume III a plate is missing bringing the total of the engravings from 16 to 15. This plate is missing from almost all copies.<
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