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From or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Sélavy [The Suitcase Box]. Paris-Milan, 1966.
Wooden and cardboard box with red leather cover and red linen finish, containing 80 documents and objects.
Famous "boîte en valise" series F executed in 1966 and made in 75 copies, signed by Marcel
It contains 80 reproductions of works by Marcel Duchamp, twelve more than in the previous versions. The suitcase was made in Milan in red leather with a linen finish in the same colour; it was assembled in Paris by Jacqueline
Matisse Monnier under the supervision of Arturo Schwarz.
Designed between 1935 and 1940, the case was first published in 1941: its purpose was to be a "portable museum" as Duchamp explained to James Johnson Sweeney: "It was a new form of expression for me. Instead of painting something the idea was to reproduce the paintings that I loved so much in miniature. I didn't know how to do it. I thought of a book, but I didn't like that idea. Then, I thought of the idea of the box in which all my works would be mounted like in a small museum, a portable museum, so to speak, and here it is in this valise."
Very nice copy.
(Schwarz, The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp, 1997, II, no. 484,
Series F, pp. 762-764).
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