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Machumetis Saracenorum Principis, eiusque successionorum Vitae, ac doctrina, ipseque Alcoran... His adiecta sunt confutationes multorum, & quidem probatissimorum authorum Arabum, Gracorum, & Latinorum... Adiunctae sunt etiam, Tircarum, qui non tam sectatores Machumeticae vaesania. [Basel, Johann Opporinus & Nikolaus Brylinger, 1543]. 3 parts in 1 volume in-folio (291 x 193 mm) of 14 ff.n.ch. (including 2 ff. of preface by Martin Luther), 230 pp., 5 ff.n.ch.; 4 ff.n.ch., 178 pp., 1 ff.n.ch. (white); 163 pp.; cold-decorated sow's half-skin on wooden ais, spine with ribs, 2 intact clasps, 'Alcoran' calligraphed in ink on the gutter (contemporary binding), modern green half-marocco case. Original edition of the first Latin translation of the Qur'an by Robert de Ketton, given by Theodore Bibliander. The greatest humanists of the time (Guillaume Postel, Raffaele Maffei, Philip Melanchton, Francesco Negro, Paolo Giovio, Jacopo Sadoleto) contributed to this important publication. "The Latin translation presented here plays a particularly important role in the knowledge of the Muslim religion in the West from at least the twelfth to the seventeenth century. This is the first complete version of the Koran ever composed in a Western European language. It is the work of Robert de Ketton and takes its place in the corpus of Cluny, a collection of texts relating to Islam commissioned and supervised by the Abbot of Cluny Pierre the Venerable . This collection, completed in 1143, circulated in manuscript form throughout the Middle Ages . In 1543, exactly four centuries after its creation, it was published as a printed book on the initiative of the Protestant humanist Theodor Buchmann, known as Bibliander. "(Paul Gaillardon, Smaranda Marculescu and Tristan Vigliano. The Latin translation by Peter the Venerable and Robert de Ketton (1143), as edited by Bibliander (1543-1550) ). Theodor Buchmann or Bibliander (15
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