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Alcools. Poems. (1898-1913). Paris, Mercure de France, 1913. In-12 : red half-maroquin with corners, spine ribbed, untrimmed, gilt head, cover and spine preserved (later binding). First edition. It is decorated with a cubist portrait of Apollinaire by Pablo Picasso reproduced in the frontispiece. Guillaume Apollinaire's first collection brings together fifteen years of his poetic production. A living source of modern poetry, Alcools marks the emergence of a "new spirit" that the century will remember. (In French in the text, BN, 1990, no. 341.) A copy of the press office with a signed autograph mailing: To P.N. Roinard his admirer Guillaume Apollinaire Under the mailing, this second dedication: and for Robert Valançay Picasso Paris January 1940 and I The mailings have been written on the first blank page Five typographical corrections in ink by Apollinaire's hand in the text on pages 71, 77, 92, 110 and 189. Paul-Napoléon Roinard (1856-1930), a libertarian painter and poet, collaborator of La Plume, who had known Mallarmé and Verlaine, frequented Tailhade, Morice, Moréas and Rodin. He became friends with Apollinaire in 1903. The latter considered him "one of the most powerful precursors of the new poetry" and dedicated to him one of the poems of Alcools, Le Brasier (p. 129) - which shows that the sending is not purely circumstantial. Earlier, in 1909, Apollinaire had presided over a banquet in honour of Roinard at the café Voltaire. The second mailing, from Picasso, addressed to the Surrealist poet and translator Robert Valançay (1903-1984) makes this copy eminently desirable - a way of passing the baton between two generations symbolising the poetic and artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century and a tribute to the poet who invented the word Surrealism. The painter also sent him, along with André Breton, Clair de Terre (cf. nº 89).
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