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Selected books. Without place or date [Paris, late 1919-early 1920].
Autograph manuscript signed "Louis Aragon", 4 pages in-8 on squared paper mounted on tabs: red jansenist morocco à la Bradel, smooth spine (modern binding).
Autograph manuscript signed: six book reviews published in the magazine Littérature in January 1920 (nº 11, pp. 29-31).
Lucien Descaves' L' imagier d'Épinal; Robert Morche's Les Extases; Paul
Fort's Chants paniques (forthcoming); Marcel Proust's A l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs; André Salmon's Manuscrit trouvé dans un chapeau; and Paul Morand's Lampes-à-arc.
Typographer's note in pencil at head: "rom. 8."
Several scathing reviews, including one of Marcel Proust's novel called a "laborious snob"-we know that Aragon never appreciated the author of La Recherche.
Mr. Marcel Proust is a young man full of talent, and, because he has done well, he has been given a prize. Come on, that will increase the circulation. Excellent business for the New French Review
. One would never have believed that a hard-working snob could be so fruitful. By the way, Monsieur Marcel Proust is worth his weight in paper.
Paul Morand's Arc Lamps are not to be outdone:
In the light of these globes, I see only a vulgar spectacle. The furniture is not worth talking about. The girls who hang out on the terraces are neither beautiful nor clean. What a bore! In order not to lose the habit, we end up with an Art Poétique. The conductor turns around, bows, asks for a little silence and says: Much ado about nothing.
A photograph of Elsa Triolet and Louis Aragon taken in December 1956 at the famous Picasso exhibition, organised in Leningrad and Moscow, which had caused a sensation in Khrushchev's USSR. (147 x 104 mm, silver print.)
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