THE YELLOW NOTEBOOKS. Cinéma 33. Paris, Librairie... - Lot 117 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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THE YELLOW NOTEBOOKS. Cinéma 33. Paris, Librairie... - Lot 117 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
THE YELLOW NOTEBOOKS. Cinéma 33. Paris, Librairie José Corti, 1933.
In-4 : paperback.
Number 4 and last of Les Cahiers jaunes, this one devoted to cinema in 1933.
Texts by Antonin Artaud, Monny de Boully, Hendrik Cramer, Robert Desnos, Benjamin
Fondane, Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, Maurice Henry, Georges Neveux, Georges Ribemont-
Dessaignes, Claude Sernet, illustrated with photographs by Jean Painlevé, Man Ray, etc. Also included are three photographs from Un chien andalou and Luis Buñuel's L'Age d'or.
Attached is the autograph manuscript of Robert Desnos' "Y a des punaises dans le rôti de porc."
Autograph manuscript, 12 leaves in-4 on graph paper numbered 1-10 and 1-2 for the text of the song.
Also enclosed is a vigorous letter of protest from Luis Buñuel, addressed to the magazine's director, Neymon.
The Spanish filmmaker takes exception to having his name associated with the publication.
"I would like to point out that the fact of publishing photos of my films, photos that I had not communicated to you, did not authorize you to include my name among the contributors to a magazine that has so far drawn attention to itself by two issues in favor of Italian fascist literature."
In fact, the first two issues of the Yellow Notebooks were devoted to Prampolini and the Futurist painters (with a preface by Marinetti) and to Italian Writers of Today.
Buñuel continues: "If I had collaborated with this magazine, it would only have been to express my hatred of fascism and all forms of capitalist oppression, the chatter about the cinema being devoid of any interest.
I think you will want to publish this letter in the next issue of your magazine [...]." (Autograph letter signed, dated Madrid, 27 May 33, 1 page and 8 lines, large in-8, cancelled envelope retained.)
Also attached is the signed typed letter addressed by Luis Buñuel to the publisher
Gallimard on November 19, 1929, protesting against the publication of the screenplay for Un chien andalou.
"Mr. Gallimard himself confirmed to me in writing the publication of this text, recognizing that it would take place against my will. I would have recourse to the courts if this were not a procedure that repulses me and if I did not find it preferable to make the public judge of this unspeakable crime, which shows in what way the right of the strongest continues to exist."
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