[HAND TO FEATHER]. Les Pages libres de la... - Lot 212 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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[HAND TO FEATHER]. Les Pages libres de la... - Lot 212 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
[HAND TO FEATHER]. Les Pages libres de la Main à plume. Paris, la Main à Plume, no date [1942-1944]. 12 plates in-16 : ivory vellum à la Bradel, untrimmed, gilt head, covers preserved (F. Saulnier). Complete collection of the 12 issues of Pages libres de la Main à Plume published during the Occupation. A surrealist group gathered around Noël Arnaud, Henri Goetz, Jean-François Chabrun and Christian Dotremont, La Main à Plume is first the title of a magazine named after an expression of Rimbaud. One of the 5 first copies on China paper (no. 2), bound for Paul Eluard, with his bookplate drawn by Max Ernst "Après moi le sommeil". The collection includes : - Noël ARNAUD, Aux absents qui n'ont pas toujours tort. Original etching signed by Oscar Dominguez - Maurice BLANCHARD, Les Pelouses fendues d'Aphrodite. Drawing by Yves Tanguy printed in blue on tracing paper - Gérard de SÈDE, L'Incendie habitable. Original signed drypoint by Vulliamy - Jean-François CHABRUN, Qui fait la pluie et le beau temps. Portrait of the author by Tita printed on China paper and blue coated paper - André BRETON, Pleine Marge. - Léo MALET, Le Frère de Lacenaire. Double page composition by Dalí reproduced on blue and pink coated paper - J.-V. MANUEL, Celui qui n'a pas de nom. Drawing by Miró reproduced on pink paper - Benjamin PÉRET, Les Malheurs d'un dollar. Original monotype signed by Roger Brielle - Laurence ICHÉ, Étagère en flamme. Double page "sidewalk" drawing by Picasso reproduced on China paper and blue coated paper - Robert RIUS, Serrures en friche. Additional "Miroir" in frontispiece - Christian DOTREMONT, Lettres d'amour - Pablo PICASSO, Picasso. Bound with a second copy of the same issue, on pink coated paper. Mounted at the end: - The prospectus of the collection of the Pages libres de la Main à Plume - The prospectus of the Feuillets du Quatre Vingt & Un - A tract printed in red and black, signed by Amy, Costes, Godet, Jausion and Thirion entitled Éditions "Pour mes Ennemis" at the expense of Noël Arnaud, Joyeux Noël. Dated October 11, 1943, it reports the punitive expedition to Noël Arnaud's house and ends with: "Come on, you poor bastards, go back to the shadows you should never have left." - La Main à Plume leaflets entitled "Avenir du Surréalisme," folded, and "Déboutonnez votre cerveau aussi souvent que votre braguette," on strong brown paper - Leaflets for Le Linceul des Marées by Boris Rybak and Constellations by Charles Bocquet published by la Main à Plume - Informations surréalistes, 2 pp. in-4, dated May 1944, published by la Main à Plume. Charming autograph letter signed by Noël Arnaud on the back cover of the first issue: To Jean-Paul Kahn, who loves what I love and whom I admire for his perfect taste and for his hospitality with my cordial devoted feelings Noël Arnaud Remarkable and perfectly preserved set: it is notably complete with the original etching by Oscar Dominguez which is particularly rare. That the collection was assembled by Paul Eluard and bound for him by Saulnier is all the more interesting as the poet had fallen out with the organizers of the Main à Plume after the publication of Poésie et Vérité without his consent (cf. nº 164).
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