Benjamin PÉRET.

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Benjamin PÉRET.
Nine autograph poems from the collection Je ne mange pas de ce pain-là. No place or date [ca. 1935].
Autograph manuscripts mounted on tabs in an in-4 volume: marbled paper boards à la Bradel, red morocco title page (Semet et Plumelle).
Important autograph collection of nine poems from the collection Je ne mange pas de ce pain-là: two are signed and one is in double state.
Published in January 1936 by Éditions surréalistes, Je ne mange pas de ce pain-là is one of Benjamin Péret's most virulent collections.
The volume contains the following manuscripts:
- Le Tour de France cycliste. Poem of 28 lines in blue ink, signed in pencil, on the back of a letterhead of the café restaurant le Gramont in Paris. Title of the collection also in pencil.
- The League of Nations. Poem of 19 verses in blue ink, on squared paper small in-4.
- La Baisse du Franc. Poem of 24 verses in blue ink on a folded sheet of squared paper forming two sheets (the last verse on the second sheet).
- La Baisse du Franc. Second copy, corrected, of the previous poem, black and blue ink, same layout.
- La Baisse du Franc. [Second version]. Poem of 26 verses in black ink, signed on the back of a paper in-8 with the letterhead of Gaston Philip, "specialities for pork butchers" of Vaucluse. This version is later: it evokes René Coty, Minister of Reconstruction in 1947. This second poem, entitled La Baisse du Franc, first appeared in Feu central, Benjamin's poetic anthology
Péret, published in 1947.
- At last, this badly boiled sperm spouted from the maternal brothel... Poem of 51 verses in black ink on the back of an in-4 sheet of paper with the header of the Brasserie
Cyrano in Paris.
- Macia désossé. Poem of 30 verses in black ink on browned paper in-8.
La Peste tricolore. Poem of 38 verses in black ink on brown paper in-4.
- La Guerre italo-éthiopienne. Poem of 20 verses in black ink on squared paper in-8.
- February 6. Poem of 66 verses on 2 sheets of paper in-4.
Most of the poems have indications for the typographer in pencil and, in red pencil, the page number of the book.
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