PHOTOMATONS]. 23 original photomatons. No... - Lot 246 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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PHOTOMATONS]. 23 original photomatons. No... - Lot 246 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
PHOTOMATONS]. 23 original photomatons. No place or date [ca. 1929].
Collection of 23 original photomatons that belonged to Robert Benayoun.
Collection of 23 original photomatons made around 1929, portraits of
Louis Aragon (1 photograph), Salvador Dalí (2), Max Ernst (5), Jacques Prévert (4),
Jacques and Pierre Prévert (3), Yves Tanguy (4), Jacques Prévert and Yves Tanguy (4).
Handwritten note from Robert Benayoun: "These 23 photomatons that belonged to André
Breton were given to Robert Benayoun as "falling under his jurisdiction" (cinema, humor), were first published in February 88 in the book Le Rire des surréalistes, with the exception of the originals concerning André Breton and Eluard, which were returned to Mrs. Breton at her request in 1996."
The first photomatons, invented in the United States, arrived in Paris in 1928. The Surrealists would use them, often in a roundabout way, as here. André Breton chose a set of sixteen photomatons, portraits of the members of the group with their eyes closed, to frame the reproduction of Magritte's famous painting: Je ne vois pas la femme cachée dans la forêt (I don't see the woman hidden in the forest).
About ten images are damaged.
A group photograph taken in Marienbad in 1935 is enclosed.
Framed by André Breton on the left and Paul Eluard on the right, one can recognize
Jacqueline Lamba, Nezval and Toyen.
The photograph, which bears in André Breton's hand the words "Marienbad 1935", bears Nezval's pencil signature (as in Breton's personal album) and, at the bottom, Coll. Robert Benayoun.
At the end of a letter from André Breton to Benjamin Péret from Prague on March 30, 1935, Jacqueline Lamba noted, "I would have liked to see you in front of Štyrský's collages, they are made for your great rejoicing. We will bring some soon."
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