Anatomical mannequin of a pregnant woman... - Lot 101 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Anatomical mannequin of a pregnant woman... - Lot 101 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Anatomical mannequin of a pregnant woman in carved ivory with red highlights. Young woman lying down with articulated arms, one of which is folded, and slightly bent legs; face with open forehead, closed eyes, dimpled cheeks and chin; hair partly held in a bun with two strands resting on the shoulders. Once the arms are raised, the front of the trunk is removable with ribs, sternum and blood network engraved on the reverse side; the interior contains the vital organs including the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and intestine, as well as the fetus in its pocket. Beautiful pinkish patina of the ivory and excellent execution. Southern Germany, Nuremberg, Stephan Zick (1639-1715), circa 1680 Height : 2,5 cm - Length : 16,4 cm - Gross weight : 146 g Presented in a blackened wooden box (tiny missing on the back of the lid) Provenance : former collection for several generations of a family of doctors, Germany. This mannequin was on deposit until 2018 at the German Ivory Museum in Erbach (Hesse), Germany. Book consulted: G. Laue, Kunstkammer, Memento Mori, Munich, 2002, cat.45. These anatomical dolls were part of the objects that could be found in certain cabinets of curiosities or natural history in the seventeenth century as well as in medical faculties. Several museums and private collections throughout the world have preserved this type of pregnant woman model, which was made by the German ivory worker Stephan Zick, himself from a family of ivory turners. His workshop in Nuremberg was renowned throughout Europe for the manufacture of objects in this precious material of great skill and ingenuity. These anatomical mannequins were originally placed in coffin-shaped boxes, as shown by an example that came onto the German art market a few years ago. This figure reveals the characteristics of Zick's refined work with its knees with protruding and split kneecaps and the delicacy of its slender fingers.
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