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Charles DICKENS.
The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, & Observation of David
Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone bookery. With illustrations by H.K. Browne. London, Brandbury & Evans, May 1849 - November 1850.
20 issues in 19 fascicles in-8 [issues XIX and XX form one fascicle], paperback, blue illustrated cover: housed in two brown morocco cases.
First edition.
It is illustrated with 40 steel-engraved plates by Phiz, aka Hablot K. Browne, one of Dickens' favourite illustrators, including a frontispiece and a title.
A rare copy preserved as it appeared in monthly issues from May 1849 to November 1850.
All issues are complete with the various issues of the Copperfield Advertiser, totalling 188 pages, which should be included at the head.
They contain, in all, 109 pages of advertising at the end.
The tenth issue offers twelve pages of Knight's Shilling Volumes advertising not inventoried by
Hatton and Cleaver (who cite eight pages identical to those in the sixth issue). Issues fifteen and eighteen contain no end-of-volume advertisements - unlike the bibliographers' inventory (7 and 8 pages).
The eighth issue contains a fragment of the large folding plate Lett's Diaries. The latter is missing from most copies, as are any leaves that may be attached.
Added to this are eighteen inserted advertising leaves, usually on colored paper.
"In addition to the 'Advertiser,' thirteen other insets are called for - essential to a complete copy." Hatton and Cleaver's exhaustive list inventories four more inserts: issue IX, a sheet printed in red, issue XI, the sheet inserted after the plates, issue XIII, the New Weekly Periodical sheet, then in the last Punch's Pocket Book.
Some covers bear handwritten bookplates at the head: RA Le Mesurier for issues II, III and
XVIII; Mr Edmund Bernbury for issue X and the Marquiss of Bath for issues XI and XIV.
In volume X, the second cover and the end-papers belong to volume II. They were probably brought from another copy.
Covers slightly worn, as always, with minor restorations.
(Hatton & Cleaver, A Bibliography of The Periodical Works of Charles Dickens, 1973, pp. 274-304)
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