Bacinet « à bec de passereau » et cuirasse... - Lot 28 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Bacinet « à bec de passereau » et cuirasse... - Lot 28 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Bacinet « à bec de passereau » et cuirasse sans protection du dos, dans le style italien vers 1360- 70, le bacinet XIXe siècle et la cuirasse reconstituée à partir de plaques anciennes. A "pig-faced" bascinet and a cuirass intended for wear without a back-plate, in the Italian style of circa 1360-70, the bascinet 19th century and the cuirass constructed from early plates. The bascinet skull formed of one piece drawn-up to a rear-swept conical point, arched over the face-opening and pierced for a lining, the rear edge pierced with two rows of holes for attaching a camail, fitted with hinged visor pivots, the visor of characteristic form including conical snout pierced with small circular breathes on the right, a pair of boxed slotted breathes below the snout and a pair of boxed sights, the cuirass formed of seven plates almost entirely encircling the upper torso, with front plate of shallow globose form with a perfunctory outward-turn along the lower edge, an angular flanged outward turn straight across the neck, fitted with V-shaped lisière d'arrêt, roll-engraved brass strips along the sides and studded with small iron rivets for lining straps, fitted with a pair of plates at the sides cut out for the arms and constructed en suite with the central plate, and the sides each fitted with additional smaller plates constructed to match: the central plate, the two arm-plates and one of the smaller side-plates all appear to be formed of reworked early armour, probably dating from the early 16th century, the lisière d'arrêt and the brass ornament are modern reconstructions: on a purpose-built fabric-covered torso mannequin. H. torso: 71 cm. There is only one known surviving example of a cuirass of this type, that of Ulrich IV von Matsch, preserved in the armoury of the Counts von Trapp in Schloss Churburg (CH S13).
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