BÉRANGER (Pierre-Jean de).

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BÉRANGER (Pierre-Jean de).
Oeuvres complètes, unique edition revised by the author, decorated with 104 intaglio vignettes drawn by the most famous painters.
Paris, Perrotin, 1834.
Four volumes in-8, in issues, in yellow illustrated covers, midnight blue chagrin spine folder decorated with rocaille irons, cases (A. Devauchelle).
"The most complete of all editions of Béranger's Chansons, which brings together the 103 vignettes from 1829-33, printed in in-8 format" (Carteret, III, p. 76).
Compared to this last edition, three engravings have been removed and four new ones added, bringing the total to 104 vignettes.
An exceptional copy preserved in leaves, with all margins under the covers of the issues.
It is quite complete with the fifty-two issues under the corresponding fifty-one covers (the 51st and 52nd issues are gathered under one cover), in absolutely perfect condition. These covers, printed by Didot, are illustrated with woodcut vignettes, almost all of them different; they bear the date of 1833 until the twelfth one, of 1834 for the others.
The copy has also been enriched with the complete suite, in sheets under a yellow blank cover, of the eight free figures engraved on steel after the drawings of Tony
Johannot, all in double proofs, black and coloured for the first seven, first and third state in black for the last one, Le Missionnaire. The black state of Jeannette is before the letter.
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