Suite of six poplar ceiling panels, called... - Lot 34 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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2000 - 3000 EUR
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Result : 9 750EUR
Suite of six poplar ceiling panels, called... - Lot 34 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Suite of six poplar ceiling panels, called tavolette, painted a tempera representing different characters under arcatures with accolades and flowery redents, red, black and white pigments: young man flexing before his sword laid on the ground in front of him; soldier standing, a spear near him, and holding a shield; minstrel playing a lute; soldier standing holding his spear in his right hand and his shield in the other; pikeman holding his dog on a leash with his left hand, a pike on one shoulder from which a haunch is suspended; dog valet accompanied by his animal.
Northern Italy, mid 15th century
Heights: 40.8 cm to 37.7 cm - Lengths: 24 cm to 22.9 cm
(some wear)
In the south of France, mainly in Languedoc, in northern Italy but also in Spain, painted ceilings composed of historiated panels were found between the joists, along the walls or the main beams. Reserved for palaces and noble houses, some of these were executed by real painters, such as Bonifacio Bembo, a native of Brescia who was active between 1447 and 1477. As is often the case, they represent young men or women in bust form, belonging to noble families. Here, the figures are depicted full-length and illustrate the activities reserved for the nobility, such as war, hunting or entertainment.
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