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Le Clavecin de Diderot. Paris, Éditions surréalistes, 1932.
In-12 [189 x 120] of 165 pp, (1) f. of errata, pp. (167)-168, (2) ff. the last one blank : paperback, red morocco flat back folder and modern slipcase
First edition.
The pamphlet deconstructs humanism and tears apart the Church and the capitalist state.
Superb signed autograph letter covering the title page and the facing page: for André Gide, // because before // the chicken wing // of the legion // of honor, // there were the wings of // the eagle of Prometheus // badly chained, // and because this eagle // in Paris, and in Berlin // above all, when you // read this book to the students // was for me the most // disturbing of birds // And to me, // as to you, the chicken of the // Legion of Honor stayed on my stomach, // but you probably won't be able to // digest this harpsichord either. // nor the music about // Lafcadio? // R.C.
The former admirer, now a surrealist, recalls his youthful enthusiasms - the Prométhée mal enchaîné - and the wonder of his stay in Berlin in 1928, but he deplores the writer who has become so official as to accept the Legion of Honor.
René Crevel is not mentioned once in Gide's Diary.
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