Belle et très rare dossière d'armure pour... - Lot 42 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Belle et très rare dossière d'armure pour... - Lot 42 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Belle et très rare dossière d'armure pour la joute dite Rennen, probablement Innsbruck vers 1490. A fine and very rare back-plate for the joust, Rennen, probably Innsbruck, circa 1490. Of multi-plate construction, the upper plate finely formed over the contours of the back, embossed with pairs of flutes around the arm-openings, cut out with a Gothic trefoil head at the centre of the lower edge, engraved with a line of wriggle-work over the median line and along the subsidiary edges, engraved with the letter M repeated four times and punctuated by engraved rosettes in a band around the upper edge, the shoulders with threaded bolts for attaching the shoulder-hasps of the breast-plate, and the arms of the sides each with a lug intended to correspond with bolted hasps at the sides of the breast-plate, the lower plate overlapped by the upper and retained by four domed rivets, pinched-in at the waist and flared out at the base, fitted with a fan-like skirt of four upward-overlapping lames, embossed with a spray of four flutes over the middle, and the subsidiary edges cusped and underscored by engraved bands of wriggle-work. H.: 48 cm - W.: 34 cm - Wt.: 1710 g. (See Important Notice p. 53) Provenance: Peter Finer, catalogue 2003, No. 15. It has been suggested that the repeated letter M around the neck may be an abbreviation of Maria, the Blessed Virgin. Alternatively, Bruno Thomas and Ortwin Gamber (former curators of the Waffensammlung, Vienna) have put forward the proposition that letters M, if arranged in pairs, may allude to the Emperor Maximilian I and his wife Maria of Burgundy (married 1477). A back-plate of related construction is included in the Rennzeug by Matthes Deutsch of Landshut, preserved in the Waffensammlung, Vienna (R. IV).
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