Partie avant d'une armure pour la joute,... - Lot 42 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Partie avant d'une armure pour la joute,... - Lot 42 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Partie avant d'une armure pour la joute, Rennzeug, en partie reconstituée dans le style vers 1490, quelques éléments très certainement vers 1490-1500. Elements of armour for the joust, Rennzeug, partly finely reconstructed in the style of circa 1490, some elements almost certainly circa 1490-1500. Comprising bevor of characteristically heavy construction extending over the upper-part of the chest, drawn-up to cup the lower half of the face, attached to the breast-plate by a pair of bolts, the upper border pierced with a row of small stitch-holes, the upper edge with a Gothic outward turn across the middle and with bevelled lower edge, breast-plate prominently boxed on the right side, rounded over the left side, the right arm-opening with bevelled edge, the openings at the left arm and at the neck each with a Gothic outward turn, the shoulders terminating in integral hinges for the attachment of the back-plate hasps, pierced for the attachment of a targe on the left, fitted with lance-rest on the right, waist-lame of characteristic type with cusped bevelled upper edge and attached centrally by a single bolt, decorated with punched bands encircling the waist, carrying an associated composite articulated skirt (or fauld) of five heavy upwardoverlapping lames, the third lower lame with internal alterations, taken from a related armour, and the foremost skirt lame apparently homogeneous with a pair of large gutter-shaped jousting tassets attached internally by split pins, the tassets almost certainly circa 1490-1500: sold together with a tail-piece from a jousting back-plate of circa 1490, of four tapering lames embossed with a fan of four flutes. The main elements on a detachable wall-mounted bracket with provision for displaying a helmet. H.: 99 cm. (See Important Notice p. 53) Provenance: The jousting tassets and the skirt (or fauld), together with the detached tail-piece, all included in the sale of Works of Art from The Royal House of Hanover, Sotheby's, Schloss Mar
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