Rare et belle hallebarde Suisse, du type... - Lot 116 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Rare et belle hallebarde Suisse, du type... - Lot 116 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Rare et belle hallebarde Suisse, du type de Zurich dit Sempach, poinçonnée de Lamprecht ou Lambert Koller de Würenlos, Canton d'Argovie vers 1663-1681. A fine and rare Swiss halberd, Zurich type, of co-called Sempach type, maker's mark of Lamprecht or Lambert Koller of Würenlos, Kanton Aargau, circa 1663-1681. The head formed with a triangular central spike tapering to a strongly reinforced point, struck with maker's mark at the base of the fluke on one side, pierced with a cross behind the cutting-edge, the latter slightly convex, and with faceted short socket extending to form a pair of long straps each retained by five flattened iron nails, on its original octagonal softwood staff, with shield-shaped arsenal stamp below one strap, the painted inventory marking "K.Z. 1135", the museum inventory tag stamped "L.59.10.5", and the owner's tag of Stephen. V. Grancsay. L. head: 35 cm - L. overall: 231.5 cm. Provenance: The Kanton Zurich arsenal. Stephen. V. Grancsay, former Curator of Arms & Armor, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. For a detailed account of the works of Koller of Würenlos and of the other Swiss halberd makers of the 17th century see, Meier , Jürg A., Sempacher Halbarten Die schweizerische Halbartenrenaissance im 17. Jahrhundert, in Blankwaffen, Ed. Stüber & Wetter, Zurich, 1982, pp. 223-250, pls. 16a and 24B.
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