Insolite armure de trois-quarts peinte, destinée... - Lot 132 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Insolite armure de trois-quarts peinte, destinée... - Lot 132 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Insolite armure de trois-quarts peinte, destinée à décorer un château ou pour une célébration historique, en partie vers 1630-40, assemblage du XIXe siècle. A highly unusual German painted three-quarter armour, intended for castle display or pageant, partly circa 1630-40, the assembly 19th century. The armour russet, probably originally blued, decorated throughout with painted gold bands detailed in imitation of German etched armour of the second half the 16th century, picked-out in black paint and the ground additionally stippled in imitation of an etched surface, comprising a light cavalry zischägge, the skull formed of two halves embossed with a series of ribs converging on a small brass finial at the top, the peak impaled by a sliding nasal-bar retained by a bracket and screw, fitted with broad neck-guard of three lames with cusped subsidiary edges, and a later pair of armoured chin-straps, later gorget of two plates front and rear, later cuirass, the breast-plate of late 16th century peascod type, the skirt carrying a pair of composite long multilames tassets of Cuirassier type, the poleyns each embossed with an expanded flowerhead and extending to a ribbed wing, the back-plate carrying a detachable skirt of four deep lames with scalloped subsidiary edges, a pair of composite full arm defences, including large pauldrons ridged over the shoulder, the vambraces with a series of overlapping lames over the inner joint of the elbow, couters with embossed palmette wings, the subsidiary edges scalloped and linear-engraved, and a later pair of gauntlets: on a purpose-built fabric-covered mannequin with boots in 17th century style, and a pair of 18th century Spanish-colonial rowel-spurs. H.: 186 cm.
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