Arbalète de chasse incrustée d'une scène... - Lot 137 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Arbalète de chasse incrustée d'une scène... - Lot 137 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Arbalète de chasse incrustée d'une scène de chasse au sanglier, Allemagne vers 1650-1700; avec un rare carreau incendiaire militaire, fin XVIe - début XVIIe siècle. A German inlaid boar-hunting crossbow, circa 1650-1700; together with a rare military incendiary bolt, late 16th-17th century. With robust steel bow fitted with a plaited cord strap over the front, retained by cords also carrying a small iron loop, and fitted with heavy-gauge cord bowstring, the strap, the cords and the bowstring all dating from the period of use, heavy fruitwood tiller swelling towards the nut and hollowed for the cheek, the upper surface entirely veneered in engraved white staghorn, with thumb-rest engraved as a scallop shell, a demon mask engraved behind the cranequin lugs, its mouth forming an aperture for a rod to set the trigger mechanism, the underside partly veneered in engraved horn and incorporating a grotesque mask with an aperture for a further setting-rod also forming its gorge, profusely inlaid with complex designs of horn scrolling foliage over the sides of the tiller, filled with pellets and ballfl owers and enclosing monsters, mythical beasts and arrangements of fruit, the cheek-piece veneered in horn and decorated with a bird-of-prey feeding her young, with bone nut pivoting on cords, folding trigger with setting-pull, long trigger-release lever with pivot safety, and horn bolt-clip; together with an incendiary bolt for military use, with very slender barbed iron head and the neck of the shaft encased in a wad of pitch over a leather collar, a short textile fuse protruding behind (the fl ights missing). L.: 67.5 cm - W.: 78 cm. L. crossbow bolt: 45 cm.
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