Arquebuse à rouet silésienne, Tschinke, probablement... - Lot 141 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Arquebuse à rouet silésienne, Tschinke, probablement... - Lot 141 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Arquebuse à rouet silésienne, Tschinke, probablement Teschen vers 1670-80. A Silesian wheel-lock birding rifle, Tschinke, probably Teschen, circa 1670-80. With slender octagonal barrel swamped towards the muzzle and punched and engraved with bands of scrolling flowers, standing back-sight, copper fore-sight, small calibre bore rifled with eight grooves, slender iron lock of characteristic type fitted with external main-spring and an arched iron bracket impaled by the spindle, sliding pan-cover, the top-jaw of the dog decorated with a bird, fruitwood full stock profusely decorated over its full length with a series of inlaid pierced engraved staghorn plaques, including pairs of grotesques indespersed with dogs in pursuit of foxes and hares over the fore-end, an angel opposite the lock, further grotesques over the rear, the cheek-piece decorated with a stag and grotesque, enriched throughout with engraved mother-of-pearl plaques, predominantly as fruit, all on a ground of ball-flower scrollwork and pellets, and all within horn segmental lines, the butt with sliding patch-box cover decorated en suite, engraved cow-horn butt-plate, iron trigger-guard, engraved horn ramrod pipes, set trigger, sling swivels, and original horn-tipped ramrod. L.: 114.8 cm - L. barrel: 88.5 cm. Firearms of this highly distinctive type are characteristic of Silesia (now Poland and The Czech Republic) and with manufacturing centering on the town of Teschen (now Cieszyn). The stocks of these firearms are invariably decorated with a profusion of inlaid folk art subjects traditional to the region. For a detailed survey of Teschen 17th century firearms and their makers see, KARGER, Viktor, Neue Teschner Beiträger zur Herkunftsfrage der Teschingen, in Waffenund Kostumkünde, 1964, Heft I, pp.29-42. A number of Tschinke are preserved in the Gatchina Arsenal and in the Hermitage museum St. Petersburg.
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