Rare mousquet à mèche incrusté de nacre,... - Lot 143 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Rare mousquet à mèche incrusté de nacre,... - Lot 143 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Rare mousquet à mèche incrusté de nacre, Hollande vers 1620-30. A Dutch matchlock musket, circa 1620-30. With long octagonal smooth-bore barrel, swamped muzzle with pierced scrolling fore-sight, the underside of the breech struck with a mark, a nail, together with another mark E H crowned, the pan fitted with pivoted cover and scrolling fence, and bronze tubular rear-sight cast in relief with a turbaned Turk's head, long narrow lock cut with leaf ornament at both ends and incised with a small mark or numeral, fruitwood full stock of characteristic form profusely inlaid over its full length, decorated with panels of ball-flower scrolls carrying mother-of-pearl flowerheads and horn fruit, the ballflower pattern punctuated by a series of mother-of-pearl plaques engraved with grotesques, animals and birds, the butt inset with larger mother-of-pearl plaques engraved with huntsmen, classical figures and a Turk, and all within inlaid horn segmental borders, with iron heel-plate, engraved horn butt-plate, horn ramrod-pipe engraved with a grotesque mask, iron trigger-guard, engraved horn fore-end cap, and horn-tipped ramrod. L.: 159 cm - L. barrel: 121 cm. Provenance: Anonymous sale, Sotheby & Co., April 16th, 1957, lot 202 (£220). A number of Dutch matchlock muskets with inlaid stocks dating from the first half of the 17th century, some of which were subsequently converted to flintlock by the addition of new locks and the removal of the original pans, are discussed in detail in the catalogue of the Visser collection. See PUYPE, J. P., The Visser Collection, Catalogue of Firearms, Swords and Related Objects, volume I, part I, 1996, Nos. 1/2/3/4/7/10.
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