WALASSE TING (1929 - 2010)

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WALASSE TING (1929 - 2010)
Image of 3 Girls, 1989 Acrylique sur papier Signée vers le haut sur le côté droit H_180 cm L_96 cm Provenance: Galerie Delaive, Amsterdam Walasse Ting (1929-2010) "As colour is usually his Big Art Statement, I wanted to know why his odalisques and sirens and seductive maidens were confined this time to black and white. 'Alice [King] said can we do this,' said Ting, with a shrug. 'I said okay. I painted a lot of black and white before but I never show it.' I asked, pen poised in art-critic mode, if he felt different working in black and white, and Ting, who had obviously decided that this interview was full of droll possibilities, replied, 'I'm colour blind. I hide inside the universe, inside the earth... But of course, I take the aeroplane to Hong Kong." Interview de Wallasse Ting, 6 mai 2001
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