Armure complète à cannelures, de style allemand... - Lot 99 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Résultat : 22 000EUR
Armure complète à cannelures, de style allemand... - Lot 99 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Armure complète à cannelures, de style allemand du Sud dit « Maximilien » vers 1520-30, seconde moitié du XIXe siècle. A fluted full armour in the South German "Maximilian" style of circa 1520-30, second half of the 19th century. Well formed throughout, comprising close helmet with rounded skull of one piece embossed with three cabled low combs and bands of converging flutes over the top and the sides, struck with a spurious mark at the rear, pierced for lining-laces, fitted with plume-holder and spring-catch locking the bevor, pivoted visor of so-called "dogs' face" type strongly flanged below the sights, the snout vertically fluted and pierced with rows of slotted breathes on both sides, and the lower edge fitting into a raised lip applied separately to the bevor, hinged gorget of three lames front and rear, breast-plate of strongly globose form with a boldly roped turned flange across the top, struck with a spurious mark in the manner of that of Wolfgang Grosschedel, fitted with moveable arm-gussets en suite, folding lance-rest, separate waistplate carrying a skirt of three lames and a pair of short tassets, the back-plate also with a spurious mark of Wolfgang Grosschedel and fitted with skirt of one lame, a pair of full arm defences including asymmetrical spaulders each fitted with haute-piece, full vambraces and a pair of mitten-gauntlets, a pair of full leg defences including two-piece cuisses with winged poleyns, and "bear-paw" sabatons of boxed construction, with recessed borders studded with domed lining rivets and turned roped edges throughout: on a fabric-covered purpose-built mannequin. H.: 175 cm.
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