Vik Muniz (né en 1961)

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30000 - 40000 EUR
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Vik Muniz (né en 1961)
Boy Blowing bubbles, after Edouard Manet (Pictures of magazine 2), 2011
Digital C-Print.
Signé et daté sur l'étiquette au dos.
Numéroté 3/6.
Digital C-Print.
Signed and dated on the back label.
Numbered 3/6.
H_126 cm L_101,6 cm
Provenance :
- Galerie Xippas, Paris
- Acquis auprès de cette galerie par l'actuel propriétaire
- Collection privée “I don't want to fool people. If I wanted to do that, I would be working with virtual reality.
I want to operate on the other level, the other end of the illusion spectrum.
I want to create the worst possible illusions so it doesn't really fool people, but instead give people a measure of their own belief. It makes them aware of how much they need to be fooled in order to understand the world around them.”
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