Michelangelo Pistoletto (né en 1933)

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500000 - 800000 EUR
Michelangelo Pistoletto (né en 1933)
The form of the miroir, 1975-1978
De la série «Division and Mulitplication of the mirror»
Assemblage de cadres et miroirs découpés.

Assembly of frames and cut-out mirrors.
H_180 cm L_200 cm

- ancienne collection Giorgio Persano, Turin
- collection privée

- «Pistoletto, Division and Mulitplication of the mirror», The Intitute for Contemporary Art, 1988

- «Pistoletto, Division and Mulitplication of the mirror», The Intitute for Contemporary Art, 1988, P.S 1 Museum Fabbri Editori
- Catalogue de la collection Giorgio Persano, reproduit p. 159

"I cut the mirror together with its frame, so that the two halves of the frame, sticking to the two mirrors, testified to their original oneness."

The gallery seemed to have taken on a different role. The staging of the elements presented was, perhaps, more fitting to a theatrical performance than to an exhibition.
This has never been mentioned and, perhaps, it's not necessary to mention it.
Objects appeared as works, but could have been tools.
Or neither one nor the other. They composed themselves in space, without becoming an environment and without declaredly being a theatrical machine. At 9 p.m. the public came onto the scene.
I was already there chiseling the surface of a table, hollowing it out to resemble a large plate. On the other side, an old work bench made the gallery look like a glass-worker's laboratory.
So did the works. Made up of framed mirrors, they hung around and leaned, Seemingly at random, against the walls.
Some iron rings, attached to the walls, substituted all other objects, giving once again the idea of a somewhat vaguely defined laboratory. I won't describe now all the elements present that were on the scene, nor the different phases that followed one another during the exhibition month-long.
It would take too much time and it w
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