Tripod bronze candlestick picnic, with a... - Lot 18 - Pierre Bergé & Associés

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Tripod bronze candlestick picnic, with a... - Lot 18 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Tripod bronze candlestick picnic, with a flattened sphere knot, flared cup, moulded circular base, mouldings underlined by a frieze of grènetis, stylized feet in the shape of a stylized leg. 13th century Height: 20 cm Base diameter: 10.9 cm. (end of two claw feet redone) The two champlevé plaques come from the shrine of Saint-Viance preserved in the treasury of the eponymous church, classified as a Historical Monument in June 1891 (fig. a). According to old observations, it is known that this shrine was in a poor state of conservation in 1842 and that its state deteriorated further between 1859 and 1891 as two angels above the Virgin Mary and two evangelists disappeared. Thus, around 1891, eleven original trilobal plaques depicting angels were no longer located and seem to have been partially replaced. Then stolen in 1908, it was butchered within the hour by the thief, a certain Delaunay. He was identified after an investigation and killed himself in his apartment in July 1909 when he was arrested by police officers. Several pieces of the shrine were found in various fences and were replaced during a restoration entrusted to the André house in 1913. The missing pieces, well before the flight, such as the angels were then represented by three-lobed copper plates as can be seen today. It is very likely that the reuse of these elements of the shrine of Saint-Viance in this shuttle was carried out with two trilobal plates taken from the reliquary before 1891. From the middle of the 19th century onwards, Limousin enamelling was the subject of numerous and important research by authors such as Texier, Lasteyrie and Ernest Rupin with L'OEuvre de Limoges published in 1890. Antique dealers and amateurs were then looking for any object or part of an object in champlevé. Among the first, some did not hesitate to have counterfeiters make works for their collector clientele. These two plaques with very characteristic contours were placed on th
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