BAUDELAIRE, Charles & POE, Edgar Allan.

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BAUDELAIRE, Charles & POE, Edgar Allan.
Extraordinary stories. - Extraordinary new stories. - Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym. Translation Charles Baudelaire. Paris, Michel Lévy
Frères, 1856-1857-1858. Meeting of 3 volumes in-12 (185 x 118 mm) of XXI, 330 pp., 1, XXIV, 287 pp.; 2, 280 pp.; paperback, original printed covers.
Clouzot, 43-44.
Original editions of the translations by Charles Baudelaire from which no major papers have been taken.
"It has often been said that Baudelaire had found in Edgar Allan Poe a'literary brother', so much so that the themes and poetic principles of the two men are close. Baudelaire recognized him in a letter to Théophile Thoré in 1864: "The first time I opened a book by him, I saw, with horror and delight, not only subjects dreamed of by me, but sentences thought of by me, and written by him twenty years earlier. The kinship is such that the poet's critics will go so far as to make Baudelaire an imitator of the American author" (Culturesconnection, online).
Very good copies at all margins, some freckles, corner of the fake title of the restored New Extraordinary Stories.
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