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Institution of the Chrestian religion, newly put into four books: and distinguished by chapters, in order & method of its own: Also increased by such an increase, that one can almost estimate it as a new book. Lyon, Jean Martin, 1565. Large volume in-8 (181 x 110 mm) of 100, 1256 pp.; brown basane, spine with decorated nerves, marbled edges (17th century binding). Posthumous edition, published the year after the author's death. This capital work of Calvin is at the same time one of the monuments of the French language of the Renaissance. Calvin's ambition in writing this work was "to prepare & instruct those who will want to devote themselves to the study of Theology, to have easy access to read The Holy Scripture, & to enjoy & to get well on the way to hearing it, & to keep the right path & straight without chopping (encumbrance)" (epistle). Among the introductory pieces are on the back of the title the woodcut "The Edge of True Religion", surmounting an unsigned poem by Theodore de Beze, Calvin's epistle to the reader, dated August 1, 1561, and the author's preface to Francis I dated August 1, 1535. The edition was printed with an assumed name on the title. Peter and Gilmont assume that the real printer was John II Frellon, a friend of Calvin. All sixteenth-century editions of this book are rare. Modest copy with bold pencil marks in the margins, margins of pp.747/750 scratched touching the printed marginalia, some loose notebooks; rubbed binding. Peter and Gilmont, Bibliotheca calviniana, III, 65/8.
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