Mobilier du château de Cassano Magnago - Tableaux, mobilier et objets d'art

Dimanche 7 novembre 2021
Castello di Cassano Magnago, Piazza Santa Maria 2, 21012 Cassano Magnago (Varese)
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La Bibliothèque de Pierre Bergé - sixième vente

À la mémoire de Pierre Bergé (1930-2017)


Drouot-Richelieu, 9 rue Drouot 75009 Paris


Octobre 2021




Sophie Duvillier


Sales conditions

The auction will be conducted in euros and payment will be due immediately.

In addition to the hammer price, buyers will pay the following fees : up to

150 000 €, 30.5% incl. VAT of the hammer price (25% excl. VAT + 22% VAT),

above 500 000 € and up to 500 000 €, 26.23% incl. VAT (21.5% excl. VAT +

22% VAT) and above 500 000 €, 21.96% incl. VAT (18% excl. VAT + 22% VAT).

This calculation applies to each lot per tranche.

Payment is due immediately after the sale. This rule applies even if the

buyer wishes to export the lot and an export license is, or may be, required.

Payment must be made by wire transfer and in Euros. As a courtesy we

accept payment by Visa, MasterCard as well as Amex (with additional

fees of 2.75%). In cash and in Euros up to 1 000 € (incl. fees and taxes) for

French private residents and up to 15 000 € (incl. fees and taxes) for foreign

residents. The auction operating officer is adherent to the Registre Central

de prévention des impayés des Commissaires Priseurs (Auctioneers Central

Registry to prevent overdue payments) to which payment incidents may

be addressed. Rights of access, rectification and opposition on legitimate

grounds can be exercised by the debtor involved by addressing to Symey 15

rue Freycinet 75016 Paris.


Concerning lots sold by foreign resident sellers, buyer will pay a 5.5% VAT in

addition to the hammer price (lots marked with ) or 20% (lots marked with

) plus legal fees (VAT may be reclaimed upon proof of export outside the EU

within a maximum one month period). In accordance with the provisions of

Article 321 - 4 of the Commercial Code, the asterisk ( ) marking some lots

indicates that they are owned by an associate of Pierre Bergé & Associates.


Pierre Bergé & associés is legally obliged to collect the sums due under the

resale right for the sale of the lots and to return them to the collecting agency

or the beneficiary of the right.

The buyer shall be responsible for the payment of the resale charge and shall

be invoiced at the same time as the tender price and the costs referred to in

the first paragraph.

In the event that PBA becomes aware that a sale is subject to the resale duty

only after the lot has been tendered, that duty will be invoiced to the buyer


The selling price used as the basis for collecting the resale duty shall be

calculated, excluding taxes, on the hammer price. It is calculated work by

work. The applicable rate is :

- 4% for the price range up to 50,000 €

- 3% for the price range between EUR 50,000.01 € and EUR 200,000 €

- 1% for the price range between EUR 200,000.01 € and EUR 350,000 €

- 0.5% for the price range between EUR 350,000.01 € and EUR 500,000 €

- 0.25% for the part of the price exceeding EUR 500,000.01 €

The amount of the resale right is capped at 12,500 €


In accordance with the law, the auctioneer is legally responsible for the

contents of the catalogue, subject to any adjustment announced during the

presentation of the lot and duly noted in the official sale record. Condition

reports describing damage, imperfection or restoration are done to facilitate

the prospection and shall remain subject to the discretion of personal

examination by the buyer or his representative. The absence of such

reference in the catalogue does not imply that an object is exempt from any

defect or restoration. The pre - sale exhibition allows prospective buyers to

inspect property and therefore, no claim will be registered regarding usual

restorations and small accidents.


The sale will follow the lot numbers according to the catalogue. PBA has

discretion to set the increment of the bids and all bidders must comply with

this. The highest and final bidder will be the buyer. In case of a double bidding

declared by the auctioneer, the lot will be immediately reoffered for sale and

all present prospective buyers will be able to bid a second time. At the striking

of the hammer, risk and responsibility for the lot passes to the buyer. He is

therefore responsible for insuring his lots as soon as the auction is final.


Bidders who cannot attend the auction in person and who are wishing to bid

by absentee or telephone bid are required to submit bids on the Absentee

Bid Form of which a copy is printed in the last pages of the catalogue. This

form must be received at least two days in advance of the sale, with the

bidder’s bank details. Pierre Bergé & associates provides telephone bids

as a convenience to bidders who cannot attend the auction in person and

therefore will not be held responsible if a phone connection problem occurs,

under no circumstances Pierre Bergé & Associates employees will be held

responsible if an error shall occur in the execution of the telephone bids.


No lot will be given to the purchaser before full payment of the sale price,

purchaser fees and VAT included.

In the event of payment by check or bank transfer, the delivery of the prizes

may be deferred until the actual receipt of the amount due.

Upon adjudication, the item will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

The purchaser will himself be responsible for ensuring his acquisitions, and

PBA declines all responsibility for any damage that the object may incur, and

this as soon as the acquisition is pronounced. All formalities, especially those

relating to export, as well as transport remain the sole responsibility of the


Transport and export quotes on request at APICE.

Pierre Bergé & associés informs buyers that lots made over 70 years ago by

authors who are no longer living and sold at a price lower than EUR 13,500

may be definitively removed from Italian territory by means of self-certification

submitted through the MiBACT online system (SUE) and endorsed by the

competent Export Office (the transporter APICE MILANO may take care

of this).

The same self-certification regime shall apply to lots made less than 70 years

ago by authors who are no longer living, or to lots made by living authors.

On the other hand, the definitive exit from the Italian territory of lots made by

authors no longer living for more than 70 years and sold at a price higher than

EUR 13,500 requires the issue of a certificate of free circulation issued by the

competent Export Office (the transporter APICE MILANO can deal with this).

The issue of a self-certificate or a certificate of free circulation, as the case

may be, must be carried out by and at the expense of the purchasers.

In case of notification of a lot by the Italian State, the buyer has 30 days to

cancel the purchase of the lot.

Sold lots can be collected at Castello di Cassano Magnago, Piazza Santa

Maria 2, 21012, Cassano Magnago (Varese)

Sunday 7, Monday 8, Tuesday 9 November from 11:00 to 18:00 and

Wednesday 10 November from 10:00 to 12:00.

From Friday 12 November 2021, the lots will be at APICE and can be collected

or sent with costs to be paid by the buyer by contacting :

APICE MILANO S.r.l. Via Kennedy, 25 IT-20053 Rodano (MI)

From 9:00am to 1:00am and 2:15pm to 6:00pm

Contact : Mme Serena Corno - General Head Coordinator

Tel. +39/ Dir. +39/

Mob. + 39 366-5739356 E-mail :

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