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Anthology Dada. Dada 4-5. Zurich, Tristan Tzara, 1919. Large in-4 (300 x200mm) of 20 ff.n.ch. (Justification, 18 f. of text, 1 f. of finished printing); cardboard box decorated with a collage (cutting of a newspaper) with the word "dada" printed in black on the lower part, an original Hans Arp wood printed in black and with silver additions is mounted on the upper part (original binding of the publisher).
This Dada Anthology is number 4-5 of the journal Dada, published under the direction of Tristan
Tzara. The texts and poems are by Tzara, Picabia, Reverdy, Soupault, Breton, Radiguet, Aragon etc.
They are illustrated by Picabia, Arp (original woods), Richter, Janco, Hausmann, Viking and Eggeling (two lithographs).
Copy number 31, signed by Tristan Tzara, on the 38 luxury copies, with two original engravings by Hans Arp, one of which is mounted on the cover, as well as two original engravings by Christian Schad.
Freckles, rusty staples and a few loose sheets, slightly stained blanket, transparent blanket glued with adhesive tape on the inner plates.
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